Clint/Therapist Information
Christine Phelan, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


WA state designated:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LF 60059062), Mental Health Professional, Child Mental Health Specialist.

Clinical Member, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

M.A. Leadership Institute of Seattle, Bastyr University School of Applied Behavioral Science, Counseling Program.

Intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
B.A. Western Washington University, Interdisciplinary Concentration in Theater and Psychology.


Clinician Disclosure Statement:


Christine Phelan  MA, CMHS, LMFT

1116 Key St, #104

Bellingham, WA 98225



Disclosure Statement


Education, Training, and Experience


Washington State Department of Health License in Marriage and Family Therapy - LF 60059062

Masters, Applied Behavioral Sciences, Bastyr University, LIOS, Kenmore, WA

BA Psychology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, 
Dialectical Behavior Therapy "Intensively Trained", Behavioral Tech.

Hypnotherapy Certification, Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham, WA, 


Psychotherapy Experience: 2005 – present, Private Practice Psychotherapy for families and individuals.  2007 – 2011, Out-patient Psychotherapist for adults and children, Whatcom Counseling and Psychiatric Services. 2006 – 2007 Emergency psycho/social assessments, St. Joseph Hospital. 2004 – 2007, Northwest Youth Services, Out-patient Psychotherapist for families and children.  2000 – 2004, Individual Treatment Aid, Case Management for: CHAP, Out -Patient and Hospitalization Prevention, programs, Catholic Community Services, Skagit.


Therapeutic Approach

     My practice involves assisting individuals, couples, and families in clarifying and reaching their treatment and life goals. I generally approach treatment from a systemic and transpersonal perspective; I see human struggles as part of complex psychological and social systems.  I may focus on interpersonal as well as intrapsychic understanding of personality development, and explore the central role that relationships and family dynamics play in influencing behavior and attitudes.

     I am interested in discussing your dreams and body symptoms as possibly reflective of your subconscious processes. Besides talk therapy I also use art, play therapy, active imagination and other creative and expressive means to help people meet their goals.  I will likely give you personal feedback, ask clarifying questions, support you, and challenge you.

     Length of treatment will vary according to the nature of your difficulties. I generally recommend we meet weekly for three sessions and then decide on a treatment approach that makes the most sense to both of us.

     I refer clients to appropriate available resources as needed.


Practice Standards

     My fee for services is $120.00 per session and is due at the time of the session. A session is 50 minutes.  Credit can be extended on a limited basis if full payment is not possible at the time of the session. Regardless of any extended payment plan, you agree to be financially responsible for all charges, late fees may apply.

     Since regularly kept appointments are essential for effective therapy, I emphasize the importance of attending all scheduled sessions. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, I require 24 hr advance notice or you will be charged the regular fee for the session. Changes for Monday appointments should be called in by Friday.

     If you need to discuss, clarify, or bring up any issues on the phone between appointments, please feel free to do so. Should an emergency arise between your scheduled appointments, please do not hesitate to call me. For any call exceeding 15 minutes, you will be charged for the additional time in 1/4 hr. increments added to your next session cost.

     As a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, I subscribe to all of its ethical and professional standard for the effective practice of therapy. 


Client Rights

     As a client you have the right to choose a therapist who best suits your needs and goals. If you work with me you have the right to raise questions about my therapeutic approach and to request a referral if you believe you might make better progress with another therapist. If you believe I have engaged in unethical or unprofessional conduct you have the right to report your concerns to the Department of Health by calling 360-236-4902.

     You have the right to confidentiality. I am bound to not release any information to anyone without your written permission.  The main exceptions to this are consultations with other clinicians and disclosures that indicate you (1) are about to commit a serious crime, (2) are involved in child or dependent adult abuse, (3) are a danger to yourself or others, or (4) are unable to meet your own basic life support needs.

     If  I see you together with your partner or with other family members, confidentiality extends to all those involved in therapy and I will not release to third parties any information without first obtaining signed releases form everyone involved. However I will not necessarily be bound by confidentiality in joint session with information I have obtained in individual sessions and discussions.  This means I reserve the right to discuss in joint sessions information that you have share in individual sessions and discussions if I believe it helps facilitate the achievement of the goals set forth in therapy.

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